4 species of tea for treating stomach flu


Treat stomach flu with tea

Mint tea

If you have bad digestion or gas, mint tea is known for its efficacy in these cases. It relieves the smooth muscles of the stomach and the digestive tract and so the gases are easier to remove from the body. Some may be joking, but sometimes it is not easy to remove the gases from the body, because in heavier cases muscle spasms are produced that cause excessive gas accumulation, which is also very painful. In cases of reflux (return of food and acid in the esophagus) this tea should not be consumed. It will increase the symptoms of increased acidity.

Mint is safe when taken in normal doses and for a long time. Otherwise, the herb may cause some side effects, including:

  • acids
  • allergic reactions
  • facial flushing
  • headache
  • inflammation of the mouth.

Menthol contained in the plant reduces blood pressure. Therefore, hypotens should carefully take tea from mint or infusions. Menthol slows down heartbeat and complicates the work of the respiratory center, which may cause deterioration in the health of patients suffering from bronchial asthma and bradycardia.

Three cups of mint tea daily can cause even healthy men to reduce erections, at the expense of a fall in blood pressure in the sex member and a worsening of blood supply.

During pregnancy and lactation, mint may be taken, but in very small quantities and not too often.

Lemon tea

Consume lemon peel tea for stomach flu. You can also squeeze a lemon into a glass of green tea – the effect will be similar. Drink it clean, without sugar or milk.

Chamomile tea

This incredibly useful herbal tea has a soothing effect on the stomach. The best thing about chamomile tea is that it reduces inflammation in the stomach and intestines due to its saturation of antioxidants.

Ginger tea

It is no coincidence that ginger tea has been widely spread in East Asia for millennia. Ginger has been shown to be effective in many cases, including calming the stomach. Some may think that ginger because of its hot taste is not suitable for an irritated stomach, but this is not the case, on the contrary! Its healing properties are numerous – it relieves meteorism (overgrowth), stomach upset and malaise, positively affects the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. It is suitable for consumption before traveling, precisely because of these useful actions.

Note: Tea is acidic and could cause discomfort.