Coconut oil kills microbes in the stomach

Coconut Oil for Stomach Flu

Coconut oil improves digestion and kills microbes in stomach

Natural coconut oil is one of the most harmless and safe officially recognized food products with no harmful effects on our body. For many years it was avoided with the argument that it contains unsaturated fatty acids, but it is now considered useful. Its strength is in the unique composition of fatty acids. For vegetarians and horseradish is a source of health and energy, but it is useful not only for them. That is why he has recently returned to the kitchens of many households.

Protects against stomach and intestinal diseases. Its saturated fat has antimicrobial properties and helps fight various bacteria, fungi, parasites. It helps to utilize many vitamins, minerals and amino acids. A typical example is its potential to improve the absorption of calcium and magnesium needed for healthy bones. This makes it very suitable for mature women and at risk of osteoporosis. It also improves the health of the teeth.

It is useful in type 2 diabetes, in overweight. Prevents and softens symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. But it is also a good tool for maintaining the skin – for massage, like hair care. Helps tooth health. Coconut wonderful strengthens the immune system, helps fight overweight, lowers cholesterol, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, normalize the work of endocrine glands. And this is far from a complete list of the beneficial effects of coconut oil. It also includes many antioxidants that slow down aging.

Coconut oil not stay in the body in the form of fats

Contains 10 types of medium chain fatty acids. Each of them is a nutrient in itself, but it also stimulates the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to these properties, coconut oil provides energy for all processes in the body. Makes the organism more resistant to viruses, bacteria and fungi. The oil creates a prerequisite for weight loss as it speeds up metabolism, but energy does not accumulate in fat stores, but stimulates the processes of thermogenesis.

Coconut oil is the only one that does not break down at high temperatures

This is very important in healthy eating. When the oil does not participate in any way in dishes, one can take 1-2 tablespoons a day in the morning with a high amount of water in the morning – it improves digestion and cleanses the intestinal tract. At first it is good to start with 1/2 teaspoon and the quantity gradually increase to the recommended. To reduce body weight, it is recommended to take coconut oil 1 tablespoon before a meal, but not more than 3 tablespoons in total. For adults or children – from 1/2 to 1 scoop. Mix the oil  with other foods.